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Self Care

At SHE Casa, we provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for professional women to engage in "me time" activities.

Our Mission is – To be a community of Caribbean-centric women actively providing support to each other, through activities, networking and events to achieve personal growth.


Are you female and ready to be a part of an environment that encourages you to be the best version of your authentic self whilst working towards achieving your goals in all areas of your life? If your answer is yes, then click here for more information.

The Team

The affairs of SHE Casa are administered by the founder and an Executive Committee and overseen by a Board of Advisors. The all-female team can usually relate first-hand to the members’ needs and concerns. The support and encouragement allows everyone to be comfortable, strive to do better, have fun and feel part of a strong network.


Joella Corneille

Joella is a former corporate executive who has held positions such as Sales Manager, General Manager, Property Manager in the hospitality & construction industries. In 2013 she merged her love for dance, carnival, partying and hanging out with friends into the foundation for SHE Casa.

The challenging journey of being an entrepreneur was made more palatable for Joella because of the camaraderie and support of the SHE Casa clients and team members. As such, she decided to shift the focus from solely the dance-fitness classes to developing a structured lifestyle membership club for professional women.

Executive Committee

Zahra Cupid

A marketing and business development professional with a passion for dance and dance-fitness.

A member of SHE Casa since 2014

Estrella Hernadez

All things dealing with HR and proposal writing by profession. Lover of life and ready to experience it all. #go.see.eat

A member of SHE Casa since 2019.

Riekael Kistow

Secondary school art teacher, nail technician, dancer, pannist etc. If it involves being creative or the arts, Riekael is there.

An instructor at SHE Casa since 2016.

Rochelle Stafford

A trained sociologist with amazing organizational skills. An avid enthusiast of DIY projects.

A member of SHE Casa since 2019.

Lianne Allen

Expresses her creative side through photography  but is a numbers person by profession.

A member of SHE Casa since 2013.