Networking Club


Monthly social events in and out of the club for members and their guests. The opportunity to get out the house a little more (yes you need to). You don’t need to go to every social club event you can pick and choose – games’ night, hikes, karoke etc. 

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Monthly workshops at the club done by specialists in various fields including wellness, self love, nutrition, business etc. Great time to learn a new skill, gain different perspectives and ideas, network etc.

Monthly Goody Bag. A virtual goody bag with vouchers from our Affiliate Members for free or discounted items. 

Access to the club during opening hours to relax, work or meet up with clients/friends.  Sometimes you just need a non-judgmental safe space where you feel welcomed.

Charitable work  It is the chance to be a part of a community of women wishing to express gratitude by uplifting others who may be less fortunate.

Booking availability of club space for private social use. Ideal venue for your small private social event at a nominal fee.

Club Membership Fees

(All prices in TT Dollars) Club Membership Fees are annual but can be paid monthly


One payment per year


One payment per month

The club is managed by an Executive Committee comprised of a diverse group of ladies.

Zahra Cupid

Executive Member
A marketing and business development professional with a passion for dance & dance-fitness. A member of SHE Casa since 2014

Estrella Hernandez

Executive Member
All things HR and proposal writing by profession. Lover of life & ready to experience it all. A member of SHE Casa since 2019.

Riekael Kistow

Executive Member
Art teacher, nail technician, dancer, pannist etc. If it involves creativity or the arts, Riekael is there. An instructor at SHE Casa since 2016.

Rochelle Stafford

Executive Member
A trained sociologist with amazing organizational skills. An avid enthusiast of DIY projects. A member of SHE Casa since 2019.

Lianne Allen

Executive Member
Expresses her creative side through photography but is a numbers person by profession. A member of SHE Casa since 2013.