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Welcome to our Beauty Salon

Ever heard the saying “Self Care is NOT Selfish” ? Well it’s true. Looking good and feeling good are important aspects of self care for a woman and this is what SHE’que is all about!!!

Body Therapy

Rejuvenate, relax and naturally heal your body - a massage is the perfect way to do this. Make it a part of your regular personal health care. Click below for details, prices etc.

Beautiful Nails

To some, nail care is grooming and to others it is an opportunity for self expression. It has even been referred to as " a luxury that's really a necessity". Click below for details, prices etc.

Hair Styling

A woman's hair is her crowning glory and a beautiful hairstyle is the perfect addition to complement the overall look. Braids and weaves are not just gorgeous but are low maintenance and an easy way to experiment with varied styles. Click below for details, prices etc.


We use our feet a lot, so we should treat them well. In addition to helping our feet to look and feel awesome, getting a pedicure is an amazing way to relax. Click below for details, prices etc.